Improving Walking and Cycling Routes in Surrey

What walking and cycling improvements would you like to see near you?

Surrey County Council is developing Local Cycling and Walking infrastructure Plans (LCWIPs) across the county to help determine where best to prioritise improvements, helping more people to walk and cycle more often.

You can use the interactive map via the link below to ‘pin’ a location and leave your comments on how you think walking or cycling could be made easier there.  You can also view suggestions from other people and show your support. Join the Local Conversation – Surrey LCWIP – Commonplace

As well as feedback received via the interactive map SCC will also be considering suggestions that have been received through previous active travel consultations, including the COVID-19 active travel suggestions map.

They are currently collecting comments on the local issues or barriers in Guildford Borough which make it difficult to walk or cycle to nearby destinations, and your suggestions on how you would like to see these improved.

If you live or often visit Guildford Borough and you have ideas to share, please add your comments to the interactive map by Friday 4th August 2023