United Reformed Church – Perry Hill

The former United Reformed Church at Rickford, shown in the photo below, sadly held its last service in November 2020.  There had been an independent/congregational church on the site for 198 years.

Perry Hill Congregational Church-joined

Upon its closure, the Elders of the Church generously gifted £2,000 to the North Guildford Food Bank and £2,000 to the Parish Council, with the caveat that the money be used to benefit the community.  The Parish Council, with the agreement of the Church Elders, purchased a bench for Perry Hill Green in remembrance of the former congregational members and in particular the Burch, Tickner and Philps families who all lived in houses around Perry Hill Green.  The plaque on the bench was generously paid for by local resident Geoff Burch.

The chapel has now been converted to a mosque.

Below is a map showing the properties around Perry Hill Green (Perry Hill House, The Green, Hillcot, Sunnyside, Inglenook, Philps shop and garage) in which the Burch, Tickner and Philps Families lived:

Properties around Perry Hill Green

Perry Hill House

Samuel Burch

Ann Burch

Alfred John Burch & Bessie Burch

Mabel Burch

Dorothy Tickner (nee Burch)

John (Jack) Burch

Samuel Burch

Charles William Burch

Rose Burch

Robert Burch

June Burch

Geoffrey Burch

The Green

Fred Tickner

Dorothy Tickner

Bessie Tickner

Eric Tickner

Stella Harris (nee Tickner)

Roger Tickner

Freda Tickner

Phyllis Tickner

Reg Tickner


Alfred John Burch

Bessie Burch

Mable Burch

Dorothy Burch

Charles William Burch and twin brother Samuel Burch

John (Jack) Burch & Kathleen Burch

Peter Burch

Christopher Burch

Irene Burch


Frederick Philps

Amelia Philps

Geoffrey Burch

Pauline Burch


June Whibley (nee Burch)

Robert Burch & Heather Burch

Dorothy Tickner

Philps Shop & Garage

Mable & Frank Philps

Isobel Philps & Percy Philps

Ellen Philps & Frank Philps

Ronald Philps & Mable Philps

William (Bill) Philps

Anne Philps

Perry Hill Chapel

Below is a brief history of the United Reformed Church.

Perry Hill Chapel – 1822 – 1914 – HF 1971

The photographs and information beneath were generously provided by local resident and historian, Geoff Burch.

The New Inn pub on the right – Coombe Lane on the left

Perry Hill Green at the same location as above

The Village Green and Henry Attfield’s Cottages

Henry Attfield’s Cottages (Huguenot Houses)

The Village Green – Diamond Jubilee 2012

Perry Hill House – circa 1963 – there was snow on the ground that winter for three months

Philps’ shop and garage

Sunnyside – circa 2018

Wedding party at Perry Hill House – circa 1902

Wedding party at Perry Hill House – June 1922

Burch and Tickner Family 1942

Alfred John & Mabel Burch – Perry Hill House – circa 1942

Perry Hill House – circa 1950

Hillcot – circa 1935

Jack Burch with his geese outside Perry Hill House

Philps’ shop and garage – teas and refreshments were served in later years

Frank and Mabel Philps bought the farrier premises in 1912, this being previously owned by Mr Charman

Frank’s brother Frederick was already living opposite at Sunnyside.  You can just make out the C.A. Charman ‘Smithy & Farrier sign over the door

Philps’ shop and garage

Philps’ shop and garage

The Old Forge – circa 1980

The Old Forge – circa 1888

The Old Forge

The Old Forge – circa 1980

The Old Forge – circa 1980 – Len Primmer at work

Amelia Philps – Sunnyside – circa 1910

Sunnyside – circa 2020

Amelia Philps – Congregational Organist at the Chapel for 65 years.  The Gray and Davison Pipe Organ she is playing was bequeathed by her to the Chapel in 1937 in memory of her late husband

Organist – Anne Philps (Amelia’s great niece) – playing the same organ at the Chapel

Chapel Plaque

Chapel plaque

Plaque now removed from the Chapel and placed in the Worplesdon Memorial Hall

Plaque now removed from the Chapel and placed in the Worplesdon Memorial Hall

View of Perry Hill Green from the newly installed bench

The New Inn – circa 1922

Perry Hill House – circa 1970

The village green and Henry Attfield’s Cottages

Christmas Carols – Perry Hill Green – December 2011

Worplesdon sign – Perry Hill Green – installed by Worplesdon Parish Council

The New Inn, Perry Hill, Worplesdon – later rebuilt as The White Lion (Opens Spaces Society Image Repository

Wedding of Alfred and Bessie Burch – Dorries’ Mother