What we do


A parish council is a local authority that makes decisions on behalf of the people in the parish and has an overall responsibility for the well-being of its local community.  It is the ‘grass roots’ level of local government.  Known as the first tier of local government the parish council is the authority closest to the people.  As a result, parish councils are invariably the first-place people will go with concerns or ideas.  For this reason, they are a vital part of the community.

The work of a parish council falls into three main categories:

  • representing the local community
  • delivering services to meet local needs
  • striving to improve quality of life in the parish

Why become a Parish Councillor?

The Parish Council undertakes a significant number services on behalf of the Parish.  It raises the money to undertake projects via the ‘precept’ which is collected through local council tax by Guildford Borough Council.  In addition to the services offered we also work in partnership with Guildford Borough Council and Surrey County Council as well as other organisations in all four wards.

Below are some of the services which Worplesdon Parish Council carries out for the benefit of residents of the parish:

  • Owns and maintains:
  • Jacobs Well Recreation Ground
  • The Harry Pickup Memorial Meadow (Harry’s Meadow), Jacobs Well
  • Nevins Copse, Pinks Hill, Wood Street Village
  • Leases and maintains
  • Fairlands play area, Jacobs Well play area, Worplesdon play area
  • The Wood Street Village Community Car Park
  • Wood Street Village Green, Perry Hill Green, Pitch Place Green, Toby’s Oak, Backside Common including annual tree inspections and tree surgery, as appropriate
  • Provides and maintains:
  • Litter bins
  • Bus shelters
  • Benches
  • Notice boards in all four wards
  • Village signs
  • The Jacobs Well war memorial
  • Undertakes pond maintenance work and ditch clearance throughout the parish
  • Provision of Community Speed Watch kits and Vehicle Activated Signs
  • Provides quarterly newsletters to every household in the parish
  • Works closely with the Highways Department to try and resolve highway issues
  • Consider all planning applications relating to Worplesdon and make comments, as appropriate, to Guildford Borough Council
  • Created a Flood Forum comprising representatives from Worplesdon Parish Council, Guildford Borough Council, Surrey County Council, Thames Water, the Environment Agency, Surrey
    Wildlife Trust and local Residents’ Associations working together to resolve flooding issues in the parish
  • Provide grants to local organisations