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We currently have two casual vacancies on the Parish Council – we need councillors with a range of talents. If you are interested, come to a meeting to see what we do.
We are a proactive Council keen do what we can to support our local communities. Would you like to help us with environmental projects, whilst keeping fit and making new friends? If so please contact us.
Worplesdon Parish Council is a non-party political, non-ecclesiastical organisation.


Surrey County Council – Consultation on Services – Deadline for comments 4 January 2019

Have Your Say

Surrey County Council is consulting on a range of its services – Share your views by 4 January 2019:

  1. Community Recycling Centres
  2. Children’s Centres
  3. Libraries and Cultural Services
  4. Concessionary bus travel
  5. Special Educational Needs and Disability


Call: 03456 009009

Text: 07860 053465


Extortion Scam

Cyber criminals send victims their own passwords in extortion scam
Cyber criminals are attempting to blackmail unsuspecting victims by claiming to have used the victims’ password to install spying malware on the victims’ computer. The criminals claim they’ve recorded videos of the victim watching adult material by activating their webcam when they visit these websites. What makes this scam so convincing is that the email usually includes a genuine password the victim has used for one of their online accounts. We believe criminals obtain the passwords from data breaches.What to do if you get one of these emails?

Don’t reply to the email, or be pressured into paying. The police advise that you do not pay criminals. Try flagging the email as spam/junk if you receive it multiple times. Perform a password reset as soon as possible on any accounts where you’ve used the password mentioned in the email. Always use a strong, separate password for important accounts, such as your email. Where available, enable two-factor authentication (2FA). Always install the latest software and app updates. Install, or enable, anti-virus software on your laptops and computers and keep it updated.

If you receive one of these emails, report it to Action Fraud’s phishing reporting tool. If you have received one of these emails and paid the ransom, report it to your local police force.

Message Sent By
Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)

Burglaries rise at this time of year

So, lock up and leave a light on

Now the longer, darker nights are approaching, now is a good time to think seriously about your home security. Burglars love dark nights and they also love it when we make their job easier.

Traditionally we see a rise in burglary offences at this time of year with the darker evenings and offenders will take every opportunity to target properties, particularly on specific days when they know that people may be out for some time. Halloween and Bonfire events may leave homeowners vulnerable if proper security measures haven’t been put in place.

Follow our advice to keep your home secure this autumn:

🏠 Shut all windows and lock them when you are not using the room, out in the garden, at night and when you leave your property

🔑 Lock all front and rear doors at night and when you are out. If you have a UPVC door, remember to lift the handle and lock it with the key

🚗 Put all car keys and other keys out of sight and not in reach of windows and letterboxes. Double check your vehicle is locked too

🔐 Ensure side gates are locked to prevent access to the rear of the property. Move bins away from side walls and fences

📱 Register your property on Immobilise, the world’s largest, free, property register. It’s simple to register property such as technology, jewellery, bikes, antiques and collectibles and registering your property could help us reunite you if it’s stolen. Visit to get started!

🔦 Mark your property with a forensic marker fluid, such as SelectaDNA. This clear liquid carries its own unique synthetic DNA which is only visible under ultraviolet light.

For Surrey residents, a discount of 50% with free P&P is available on SelectaDNA Home Kits. Just visit and use the discount code ‘DNASURREY50’ to order a kit for just £29.75.

For more home security advice, including property registering, forensic marking and CCTV, visit our website:

Message Sent By
Tony Fielding (Surrey Police, InTheKnow.Community Volunteer, Guildford)

Pavement works – Broad Street, Wood Street Village – Commencing 5 November for 20 days

Broad Street, Guildford


Surrey County Council – Public consultation – Future of the countryside

Countryside strategy

How should we care for our countryside?

Residents can help shape plans for Surrey County Council’s (SCC) countryside sites for the next 25 years. The plans will form a strategy which will outline how the council will care for the countryside and protect it for future generations.

The strategy is being developed with Surrey Wildlife Trust which manages the sites; and runs alongside a programme to make the countryside self-funding, so improvements can continue to be made without reliance on SCC funding.

Residents can share their views until 3 December 2018 by visiting the SCC website, or by calling 03456 009 009 or texting 07860 053465 for a printed questionnaire.

How should we care for our countryside?

Residents can help shape plans for Surrey County Council’s (SCC) countryside sites for the next 25 years. The plans will form a strategy which will outline how the council will care for the countryside and protect it for future generations.

SCC owns or manages 10,000 acres of the county’s countryside which is open for the public to visit. These include Ockham Common in the north of the county, Norbury Park in the south, Chobham Common in the west and Staffhurst Wood in the east.

Lots of residents use these sites for recreation, health and wellbeing, but they’re also places where people work and live. Additionally, the sites are beautiful landscapes which provide vital habitats for wildlife. We need to ensure that the balance of this usage is maintained.

The strategy is being developed with Surrey Wildlife Trust which manages the sites. It will run alongside a programme to make the countryside self-funding, so improvements can continue to be made without reliance on SCC funding.

The views of residents are vital to help shape this strategy, responses will be taken into account and considered by SCC’s cabinet in early 2019. Residents can share their views until 3 December 2018 by visiting the SCC website, or by calling 03456 009 009 or texting 07860 053465 for a printed questionnaire.



Rural Crime in Surrey

You can also copy this URL into a browser to watch the video:

PC Laura Rowley, the Wildlife & Rural Crime Coordinator for Surrey Police talks about rural crime in our county – “Surrey is one of the country’s most beautiful counties; it is in fact the most wooded county in the UK. It is home to a wealth of wildlife and offers us access to some truly wonderful places to explore. However, we face a very real threat from criminal individuals who exploit our communities and damage our rural surroundings.

“As Surrey Police’s Wildlife & Rural Crime Co-ordinator, much of my time is spent helping our officers and staff understand what rural crime is. At the moment we have four crime types that we are concentrating on reducing across the county and, by working with our communities, we can tackle these incidents; but what can you do to help?

Livestock Worrying

If you own a dog, or walk dogs for a friend or as a business, please ensure you keep them on a lead when near livestock. If you find they become agitated or excitable when near livestock, walk them away and consider an alternative route.

If you are a land owner, consider placing clear signs at any entrance points to your land warning dog walkers that there is livestock in the field. This can help prepare a dog walker to take the necessary steps to reduce the risk of an incident. Speak to your local neighbourhood team about our Livestock Worrying signs.

If you witness, or are a victim of, livestock worrying, please call the police immediately.

Hare Coursing

If you regularly walk or jog in rural areas, consider looking out for the potential signs of hare coursing, which is a form of poaching. It often happens at dusk or dawn around harvest time (late-Aug/early-Sept) when large tracts of land are crop-less. You may see a group of vehicles parked in a rural area, by a farmland gateway, on a grass verge, track or bridle path. Usually these are estate cars, 4x4s or vans with evidence of carrying dogs. Hare coursers often travel in convoy with minders’ vans front and rear.

If you witness hare coursing (or evidence of any other form of poaching), contact the police immediately. Do not approach participants.

Green Laning

Green Laning is where owners of off-road vehicles, such as 4x4s or trail bikes, take them to ‘Green Lanes’ (so called due to the dense vegetation and unsurfaced road) for recreational driving. This, in itself, is not illegal, however there are some who are taking their vehicles on land they should not be on, including heritage sites or SSSI (Sites of Special Scientific Interest). This can cause permanent damage to the land and its wildlife.

If you witness, or are aware of illegal green laning, please call the police immediately. If you enjoy Green Laning responsibly, and would like more information, the Green Laning Association (GLASS) is a good resource on both where it is permitted and the codes of conduct whilst doing it:

Theft of Plant Machinery

Many of our rural community own valuable plant machinery, such as tractors, land rovers or quad bikes. These are often targeted by thieves and, if stolen, can have a devastating effect on the owner’s livelihood. It is vital that theft of plant machinery is reported as soon as possible, but there also are some actions you can do too, to help protect your machinery. Install CCTV, regularly check it is not obstructed and put up camera warning signs. Mark your machinery; consider etching, stamping or forensic fluid. Ensure all machinery is stored in a secure, locked building.

“The impact of these crimes can be considerable to our rural communities and it is very important that we ensure we help our residents prevent such crimes from happening.

How do you report rural crime?

“Surrey is blessed with a very active, highly integrated rural network. From dog walkers to landowners, farmers to horse breeders. We value each and every one of our county’s communities and want to ensure we work closely with them to ensure we have the most accurate picture possible of any criminal activity happening in your area.

1) Call 101 to report crime, or dial 999 in an emergency or if a crime is in progress.

2) If you have information about a rural crime, you can call 101 or contact Crimestoppers’ anonymous Rural Crime Line on 0800 783 0137 or use their online form here:

How can you help?

“You are our eyes and ears and we want to continue to build strong relationships with our rural communities, and as such InTheKnow is an excellent platform for us to communicate with you. The more of rural Surrey we have on InTheKnow, the broader our reach is and the better our impact will be on preventing crime and protecting our residents. If you know someone who would benefit from receiving updates around rural crime, please do forward this message onto them or direct them to, where they can sign up.

“If you haven’t yet, make sure you (and those you tell about InTheKnow) select ‘Country Watch’ as an interest:

1) Select ‘Update your interests now’ and then ‘What type of messages do you want to receive?’

2) Under ‘Rural and Animal Issues’, select ‘Country Watch’

“Together we can help make Surrey’s countryside the safest it can be.”

Working together with Surrey’s rural communities.

Message Sent By
Steve Rhodes (Surrey Police, InTheKnow.Community Administrator, Corp Comms)



Victim Support – Volunteers needed

VS Volunteering Recruitment Poster Surrey Web


Perry Hill School Reunion

The date:  22nd September 2018

Venue:   Worplesdon Place Hotel

Time:      7pm

Year Groups:  All


Road closure Salt Box Road – Road resurfacing work


SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL PROPOSE TO MAKE the above mentioned Temporary Order under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the effect of which will be to temporarily prohibit vehicles from entering or proceeding in that length of Salt Box Road (C14) Guildford as extends from its junction with the circulatory carriageway comprised in the roundabout situated at its junction with A320 Woking Road to its junction with the circulatory carriageway comprised in the roundabout situated at its junction with A322 Worplesdon Road. Vehicular traffic will be diverted via Worplesdon Road (A320), Dennis’ Roundabout, Middleton Road (A25), Woodbridge Road (A25), Ladymead (A25), Stoke Crossroads and Woking Road (A320) or this route in reverse order.

This Order is required to enable Surrey County Council to carry out winter damage repair works and/or major highway maintenance works. These works are anticipated to be carried out between 09.30hrs and 16.30hrs, as soon as possible within the 18 month period of operation of this Order which commences on 23 August 2018. Advanced warning signs will be displayed and the temporary closure will only operate when the relevant traffic signs are displayed. Access to premises within the affected length of road, including access by emergency vehicles to these properties, will be maintained at all times, as will access for pedestrians and cyclists. Any vehicle found to be obstructing the highways during these works will be removed to a suitable location outside the limits of the works after all reasonable methods have been undertaken to identify and contact the vehicle’s owner.

Salt Box Road Closure For Re Surfacing 6.8.2018


Worplesdon Parish Council’s longest serving councillor

Cllr Sandra Morgan MBE achieved a milestone of 50 years’ service to the community this year.  At the June full council meeting Cllr Morgan was presented with a long-service certificate and bouquet of flowers by the Chairman Cllr Paul Cragg.  The Parish Council offers its congratulations on this amazing achievement!



Jacobs Well Scout Troop – adult volunteers required

1st Jacobs Well Scouts

Some of you passing the Village Hall in Jacobs Well may have noticed that the Scout and Guide HQ has suddenly got a lot busier with Beaver and Cub Scouts. We have managed over the last year to find volunteers to start 2 Beaver scout and 2 Cub scout units, and I am pleased to say that all are happy and numbers are growing, 78 at last count. They are growing so much that we are hoping to start a Scout troop at the end of the year. It will be about 20 years since the Village had a troop if we are successful. We have lots of eager recruits but need some adult volunteers to make it happen.

I can imagine you are now thinking, I can’t be a leader, I know nothing about Scouts, I don’t have the time, but Scouts has changed a lot in recent years, the values are still the same but if commitments mean you can’t be there every week, that’s okay, you know nothing about Scouts, there is full training available to suit you.

We really do not want Scouts to disappear again from Jacobs Well, so if you think you may be able to give some time to grow the present Group, please contact me for more information

Carol Shirtliff

District Commissioner Guildford West Scouts

07421 818179


Travellers on Wood Street Village Green

We are aware of the traveller encampment on Wood Street Village Green, and are in the process of doing all we can, as quickly as possible.

The travellers who arrived on Saturday 14 July will be served with a notice directing them to leave as soon as possible.

We are working with the police who are also aware of the current situation. If the caravans and accompanying vehicles have not left site in accordance with the direction to leave, we will take further action through the legal process.

We are monitoring the situation and have provided the occupants with bin bags, and made arrangements to remove any rubbish.

If you are reporting anti-social behaviour or criminal activity, please contact Surrey Police on their non-emergency number 101 or 999 in an emergency only.

For further information about how we deal with traveller encampments, please visit



Objection to planning application no: 18/P/01014 – Land north of Keens Lane

Worplesdon Parish Council has submitted its objection to planning application no:18/P/01014 Land North Of Keens Lane to Guildford Borough Council.  The parish council also commissioned the following desktop ecological surveys 180508 C3287 Land North Of Keens Lane Desk Study IG LP SENT and 180508 C3287 Figure 1 SBIC Datasearch Final Report AK SENT


Worplesdon Flood Forum walkabout held 6 July 2018

Where does the water flow?

Planning to ensure the potential development at Blackwell Farm doesn’t have a detrimental impact on our existing communities.


Important winter water advice


Important winter water advice

What to do if you have frozen or burst pipes:

Water pipes can freeze if they are not properly insulated and can then burst as the thaw comes.

South East Water, which supplies drinking water to 2.2 million customers across Kent, Sussex, Surrey and parts of Hampshire, has the following advice:

Should you find you have no water, first check the South East Water website In Your Area map at to see if there is a problem on the supply network.

If no incident is showing, check with your neighbours to see if they have water. If they do, you should check for frozen pipes and take action to prevent a burst, which can cause damage.
If your pipes have frozen:

  • Turn off the water supply at the stop tap
  • Slowly thaw the pipes by wrapping them in warm materials like towels starting at the end nearest to the tap.
  • You could ask your neighbour for some warm water to soak the towels in to speed up the process.
  • Never use a naked flame or blowtorch to thaw frozen pipes

If your pipes burst:

  • Turn off the stop tap
  • Open all taps to drain the system quickly
  • Soak up/block off escaping water with thick towels
  • Call a qualified plumber. To find your nearest WaterSafe accredited plumber visit
  • If water has leaked near your electrics or into any electrical appliances, switch them off at the mains
  • Turn off taps once the pipework is repaired to avoid further flooding

If you and your neighbours do not have water and no incident is showing on the South East Water website, call 0333 000 0002 to report the problem.

For details on how to wrap up homes for winter go to:

Visit our website for more tips

Find a WaterSafe approved plumber
Read more winter water tips
Visit the In Your Area map


Land North of Keens Lane, Worplesdon

Land North of Keens Lane, Worplesdon


Land to the north of Keens Lane in Worplesdon has been identified in Guildford Borough Council’s Submission Local Plan to deliver 150 new properties and a 60+ bed specialist (dementia) care home.

The developers, Ashill are holding a drop in session to meet their team and see the plans on 23rd February 2018, between 4 – 8 pm at Worplesdon Memorial Hall, Perry Hill, Worplesdon, GU3 3RF.

In light of these proposals Worplesdon Parish Council commissioned an Independent Traffic Report, which was carried out by specialist Traffic Consultants – RGP – You can view the report by clicking here.