Policies & Procedures

We currently have two casual vacancies on the Parish Council – we need councillors with a range of talents. If you are interested, come to a meeting to see what we do.
We are a proactive Council keen do what we can to support our local communities. Would you like to help us with environmental projects, whilst keeping fit and making new friends? If so please contact us.
Worplesdon Parish Council is a non-party political, non-ecclesiastical organisation.

Admistration Of The Play Areas Approved 22.6
Advice On Commenting On Planning Applications Approved 22.6.2017
Business Plan 2015 2019 Revised 22.6.2017
Code Of Conduct Approved And Adopted 26 July 2012
Complaints Procedure 22.6.2017  and  Complaints Procedure For Habitual Or Vexatious Complaints 25.5.2017
Data Protection Policy 25.5.2017
Dealing With Planning Applications 25.5.2017
Responsibility Timeline Matrix V.2
Emergency Plan 2017 – Emergency Plan Flood Plan Appendix A 2017 – Address List 31 October 2017
Protocol For Staff Dealing With The Public 22.6.2017
Equal Opportunities Policy 25.5.2017
Filming And Or Recording Of Meetings Policy 25 May 2017
Financial Regs England Updated 22.6.2017
Fixed Asset Register Policy 22.6.2017
Freedom Of Information 2017
General Communications Policy 22.6.2017
General Information 28.1.2018
Grant Aid Policy 25.5.2017
Health And Safety Policy 25.5.2017
Hiring Of The Village Greens 25.5.2017
Internal Audit Policy 25.5.2017
Investment Policy 2017 2018 25.5.2017
Land Management Plans Parcels Of Land 22.6.2017
Land Management Plan Village Greens 25.5.2017
Maintenance Of The Tennis Courts 25.5.2017
Press And Media Policy 22.6.2017
Recording Decisions By Officers 25.5.2017
Retention Of Documents 31.1.2018
Snow Clearance Tennis Courts 25.5.2017
Standing Orders 25 May 2017 Final
Statement Of Intent Community Engagement 25.5.2017
Statement Of Intent Training 22.6.2017
Wi Fi Terms Of Service And Acceptable Use Policy Wi Fi Worplesdon Memorial Hall
Wi If Access Policy October 2017
Work Related Stress Policy 25.5.2017