Would you like to become a borough councillor?

Do you want to make a difference in your community? Perhaps you have strong views on how local services should be provided and want to help improve the quality of life in Guildford.

As a local councillor you will make decisions that touch the lives of everyone who lives, works, or visits Guildford. So it’s not an easy job but it’s important and rewarding.

It’s vital that local councils represent the full range of local opinion. Guildford Borough Council encourages all members of the community to consider becoming a councillor.

Visit Be a Councillor to find out more about becoming a councillor at Guildford Borough Council.

The next event to find out about Becoming a Councillor will be held on Monday 11 February 2019 from 6pm to 9.15pm in the Council Chamber at Millmead House, Guildford GU2 4BB. We would like to encourage anyone interested in becoming a local councillor in Guildford to attend. Find out more and register your interest in the event on our Becoming a Councillor events page.

6pm Light Buffet and refreshments (to be provided outside the members’ room)

6.30pm Welcome and Introductions (Councillor Paul Spooner, Leader of the Council and James Whiteman, Managing Director)

6.40pm Organisation of Local Government (James Whiteman, Managing Director)
(a) Local Government in Surrey (the County Council, the Borough Council and parish councils and parliamentary constituencies)
(b) Functions of the Borough Council
(c) Finance
(d) Corporate plan
(e) Role of Councillors and Officers

7.05pm Getting Elected (Elaine Bradbrook, Electoral Services Manager)
(a) Terms of office (e) election expenses
(b) Electoral System (f) election agents
(c) Qualifications for standing as a candidate (g) the election campaign
(d) nomination process (h) the Count

7.35pm Support for Borough Councillors (John Armstrong, Democratic Services Manager)
(a) Induction for new councillors and ongoing training and development
(b) ICT Provision
(c) Councillors’ Allowances

7.50pm Comfort break

8.00pm Being a Borough Councillor (5-10 minutes each approx.)
Presentations by current Councillors in relation to the following roles and their Ward caseload focusing
on themes such as:

(a) What made them decide to stand for Council?
(b) What difference do they think they have made for their ward and the borough?
(c) What has frustrated them?

Introduction by Councillor Mike Hurdle (Chairman of the Councillor Development Steering Group)
Councillor Mike Parsons (The Mayor of Guildford)
Councillor Caroline Reeves (Chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee)
Councillor Angela Gunning (Backbench councillor)
Councillor Tony Rooth (The Independent Alliance)

8.30pm Being a Parish Councillor
Presentation by Councillor Jo Randall (Ash Parish Council)
(a) What made you stand for election to Ash Parish Council?
(b) What difference do you think you have made for the parish?
(c) What has frustrated you?

8.45pm Any other questions followed by an opportunity for informal discussions with serving councillors and officers

9.15pm Close of Seminar (James Whiteman, Managing Director)