Surrey County Council Assistance – Covid vaccinations/free bus travel or eligible residents

Surrey County Council is enabling travel to help make it easier for people to get to their vaccinations.

Guildford high street has temporarily been opened to traffic. This is to ensure that residents who need to drive to their vaccination appointments can access Superdrug which is one of six pharmacies to administer Covid jabs.

As part of Surrey County Council’s efforts to support residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, free bus travel is now available before 9.30am to help eligible residents make use of early morning slots for vaccines, healthcare, shopping and other vital appointments.

Previously a free bus pass was valid between 9.30am and 11pm from Monday to Friday, and at any time on weekends and public holidays. – Surrey County Council has extended free bus travel for bus pass users Elderly and disabled residents with concessionary bus passes will be able to enjoy free bus travel all day, every day.