Public Consultation – Weyside Urban Village – Guildford Borough Council Depot

Dear Neighbour

Following Guildford Borough Council’s resolution to grant hybrid planning permission for Weyside Urban Village, a series of more detailed planning applications will now come forward, including the relocation of Guildford Borough Council’s Woking Road Depot.

Relocating the depot is essential to free up an important part of the Weyside Urban Village site and also gives the Borough Council an opportunity to rationalise its operations and provide more modern facilities for its staff.

The Weyside Urban Village Team made a commitment to continue with a transparent and proactive community engagement strategy that will allow residents, businesses and community groups to participate fully with all the detailed planning applications.

A forthcoming in-person consultation will take place on Monday 14th March, between 4-8pm, at Jacobs Well Village Hall.

We hope you will be able to join the consultants, but if you are unable to do so, or wish to view the materials in your own time, the consultation documents will be uploaded onto the project website following the exhibition at