Oak Processionary Moth Nest

Worplesdon Parish Council’s Tree Inspector noted, as part of his annual inspections, that, regrettably, we have Oak Processionary Moth caterpillars on an oak tree in Jacobs Well Recreation Ground.  As a result, we have immediately taken the following action:

  1. The Assistant Clerk has reported this issue to the Forestry Commission – Submission identifier no: 8984
  2. The Head Groundsman has erected warning notices at various locations around the Recreation Ground – alerting residents to the issue
  3. The Clerk has sought a quotation from a local specialist tree surgeon (who is DEFRA trained) to remove the moth nest as soon as possible
  4. Cllr A Creese will arrange for a notice and leaflets to be placed in the Village Hall ASAP.

The affected tree is near the apple tree to the right of the height barrier leading into the Recreation Ground.

To minimise health risks:  PLEASE

  • Do not touch or approach oak processionary moth caterpillars or their nests.
  • Do not let children or animals touch or approach the caterpillars or nests.
  • Do not try and remove the caterpillars or nest yourself.

Thank you for your support.

Please feel free to share this information with your friends/neighbours.