Local Authorities (Members’ Allowances) (England) Regulations



Local Authorities (Members’ Allowances) (England) Regulations

Under the provisions of the Local Authorities (Members’ Allowances) (England) Regulations 2003, Guildford Borough Council appointed an independent panel to conduct a review of borough councillors’ allowances, and the same panel is duty bound to produce a report in relation to parish councillors making recommendations to parish councils in respect of:

(a)     the amount of parish basic allowance payable to members of such authorities;

(b)     the amount of travelling and subsistence allowance payable to members of such authorities;

(c)      whether parish basic allowance should be payable only to the chairman of any such authority or to all of its members;

(d)     whether, if parish basic allowance should be payable to both the chairman and the other members of any such authority, the allowance payable to the chairman should be set at a level higher than that payable to the other members and, if so, the higher amount so payable; and

(e)     the responsibilities or duties in respect of which members should receive parish travelling and subsistence allowance.

In accordance with Part 5 of the 2003 Regulations, it is each parish council’s duty to undertake, as soon as reasonably practicable on receipt of this report, to describe the main features of the panel’s recommendations.


  1. that no parish basic allowance be payable by any of the parish councils in the Borough of Guildford to their members; and
  2. that the parish travel and subsistence allowances set out in the report, which are based on those currently recommended for adoption by Guildford Borough Council, be payable by the parish councils within the Guildford Borough area to their respective parish councillors, whether they be elected or otherwise, in respect of the duties referred to in paragraph 11 of the report.

If you wish to inspect a copy of the report please contact the Clerk to the Council at clerk@worplesdon-pc.gov.uk or telephone 01483 300094 or view it on our website https://worplesdon-pc.gov.uk/

Parish Remuneration Panel Review Of The Allowances Paid To Members Of Parish Councils Within Guildford Borough