Fairwood Helpers A Good Neighbour Group

Fairwood Helpers is a voluntary car group for people in the local area to use for medical appointments of any kind, be it chiropody, opticians, dentist, doctors or hospital appointments. That is the core of our work but we also give help if we can for other tasks, shopping for housebound, fetching prescriptions or to take people to visit relatives in hospital for example. People using our service give a contribution to cover running costs of the car, based on 45 pence a mile as set by national guidelines.

We kept open during Lockdown but of course we were not giving people lifts anywhere. However we were needed to get shopping and deliver prescriptions and phone people who were living on their own.

Anyone needing help can call our number 01483 237619 on a weekday between 10am and 12 noon when someone is manning the phone. However a call can be made at any time out of these hours and a voice mail will be sent to the next person on duty who will deal with the request. In that case please leave your name and telephone number so that we can call you back.

This is our 25th year of operation and during this time we have completed over 12000 “jobs” and we hope this will continue long into the future.

Sue Harris