Conversation between Gaynor White and Edward Knowles – The Land Trust’s point of contact regarding the SANG in Wood Street Village – 22.1.2021 

Local residents have raised a number of concerns about the SANG in Frog Grove Lane.  These being:

Who is responsible for maintenance of the ditch that runs alongside Frog Grove Lane from the track leading to the WSVCC (Wood Street Village Cricket Club) down to Sandy Lane?

A:   The landowners are responsible.  Currently the landowners are Hazelnut Ltd.  Mr Knowles is going to provide their contact details to the Council.  Ownership will be transferred to The Land Trust in due course and Surrey    Wildlife Trust will then be responsible for the Ranger Service (day-to-day management of the site).

The hedge beside Frog Grove Lane has not yet been cut.  This needs to be carried out prior to the bird nesting season.

A:    This is the responsibility of the current landowners.

Fly-grazing is taking place on the site.

A:    The landowners have served notice on the owners of the horses and will be arranging for the horses to be removed from the site.

There are no litter bins or poo bins.

A:    The SANG is not yet open to the public.  The public currently only have the right to use the existing right of way over the site.  Bins will be provided in due course.  The SANG will come into operation when the first residential unit associated with it becomes occupied and will officially open once ownership and funding have been handed over. 

A gate across the existing Right of Way has been padlocked by the adjacent landowner (Bailes Farm) to prevent the fly-grazed horses entering that land.

A:   Mr Knowles has been in contact with Hannah Gutteridge (Surrey County Council’s Countryside Access Officer) about this matter.  Surrey County Council have asked the owner of Bailes Farm to remove the padlock.

Lack of a link of footpath for disabled users.

A:   Mr Knowles did not understand this as the surfaced path includes disabled access, but would be happy, once the SANG is close to opening to meet the complainant on site to understand their concerns.

Uneven disabled access.

A:    There are some small cracks in the surface, but nothing that should inhibit access.

There is no signage advising when the site will open and who is responsible for managing the site.

A:   Temporary signage will be considered.

Why is there no equestrian access?

A:   Mr Knowles has been liaising with the WDBA (Worplesdon and District Bridleway Association).  At present only phase 1 of the SANG is being developed, which only has pedestrian access.  To prevent further fly-grazing, kissing gates are going to be installed.  Equestrian access will be provided once phases 2 and 3 are being developed.  That might take a year or two.

There appears to be a discrepancy over the agreed plan/site layout.

A:  There have been several versions of the layout plan.  Guildford Borough Council are happy that the site complies with the final agreed plan.  It is a matter for Guildford Borough Council to sign off the plan at the appropriate time.

Tree planting – the trees have been planted too close together.

A:  These will be thinned out when appropirate.

Worplesdon Parish Council would appreciate being included in all future discussions about the SANG and would also appreciate The Land Trust providing a presentation to the Council (as has been the case with the WSVA – Wood Street Village Association).

A:   Mr Knowles confirmed he would be happy to give a presentation to the Council. 

Height barrier – potential Unauthorised Encampments.

As Mr Knowles had to attend a conference call, the Clerk has sent an email to The Land Trust about this matter.