Burglaries rise at this time of year

So, lock up and leave a light on

Now the longer, darker nights are approaching, now is a good time to think seriously about your home security. Burglars love dark nights and they also love it when we make their job easier.

Traditionally we see a rise in burglary offences at this time of year with the darker evenings and offenders will take every opportunity to target properties, particularly on specific days when they know that people may be out for some time. Halloween and Bonfire events may leave homeowners vulnerable if proper security measures haven’t been put in place.

Follow our advice to keep your home secure this autumn:

🏠 Shut all windows and lock them when you are not using the room, out in the garden, at night and when you leave your property

🔑 Lock all front and rear doors at night and when you are out. If you have a UPVC door, remember to lift the handle and lock it with the key

🚗 Put all car keys and other keys out of sight and not in reach of windows and letterboxes. Double check your vehicle is locked too

🔐 Ensure side gates are locked to prevent access to the rear of the property. Move bins away from side walls and fences

📱 Register your property on Immobilise, the world’s largest, free, property register. It’s simple to register property such as technology, jewellery, bikes, antiques and collectibles and registering your property could help us reunite you if it’s stolen. Visit immobilise.com to get started!

🔦 Mark your property with a forensic marker fluid, such as SelectaDNA. This clear liquid carries its own unique synthetic DNA which is only visible under ultraviolet light.

For Surrey residents, a discount of 50% with free P&P is available on SelectaDNA Home Kits. Just visit www.selectadna.co.uk and use the discount code ‘DNASURREY50’ to order a kit for just £29.75.

For more home security advice, including property registering, forensic marking and CCTV, visit our website:


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Tony Fielding (Surrey Police, InTheKnow.Community Volunteer, Guildford)