Act now to have your say in 2021

Residents across the borough have started to receive voter registration forms via letter, email and text message as part of our annual canvass. It is important that everyone checks their details are correct to avoid losing the chance to vote in the next elections.

With Police and Crime Commissioner Elections, County Council and potentially Parish Council and local by- elections planned for May 2021, we are reminding everyone to check or fill in and return forms as soon as possible.

Please note the reminders are from the Council but sent through the government portal. If you are unsure whether the message is genuine please contact us on 01483 444115.

This year the process is slightly different as the Electoral Register has been checked against records held by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Households will now have one of three different routes to follow:

  • Route 1: All registered electors at your house matched the records held by DWP. Those households we hold emails for will be contacted and those who don’t will be posted a form with clear instructions.

Action: Each household needs to confirm their details are correct and can also make any necessary changes.

  • Route 2: If the household has people at the property that don’t match the DWP records, they will receive a form by post.

Action: Each household should follow the instructions for the completion of the form, If we don’t receive anything we will phone or visit you at home.

  • Route 3: Is for properties that have a duty manager including nursing and care homes and the University of Surrey Campus.

           Action: They will be contacted directly by the Electoral Services Team.

James Whiteman, Managing Director and Electoral Registration Officer of Guildford Borough Council says:

“Our annual canvass is your chance to ensure we have your correct details so that when it is time for elections you are able to have your say and vote. We have started contacting you now, please take a few moments to check your details or supply us with amendments. It’s essential for a healthy democracy that everyone entitled to vote has the chance to do so. Updating any changes to your personal details is really easy and takes less than five minutes.”

He adds: “We do use email and text message now and are aware of many scams that have occurred online – so if you are worried please get in touch and we will verify if the communication is from us.”

For further information about how the new annual canvass works including more information on the different routes, please visit:

If you’d like to change your details on the electoral register, please visit: